Children spend more on phone for music

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Children spend more time for listening to music on their phones rather than on other devices such as radio or tablet. A survey by YouGov research also said that most of the children spend about nine hours per week for listening to music.

The survey said that 63 per cent of the children listen to music on their phone 36 per cent of radio and 29 per cent on tablet. The survey also noted that it was a surprise that 16 per cent of the children still use CDs. The rarest listening was on vinyl at four per cent.

In the survey, it said that half of the eight year old listen to music on the radio. This group is the highest who prefer radio for listening to music. It said that the younger ones preferred tablet.

The survey noted that 15 year old children mainly use their phones * about 89 per cent) and computers (about 30 per cent). Well, 17 per cent listened to music in CDs and eight per cent in play records.

YouGov research said that girls listened more to boys in listening to music. When 89 per cent of the girls listened to music, only 80 per cent of the boys showed interest. Girls also spend more time than boys in listening to music, the survey said.

With children listening to more music, entertainment houses have also started to target these groups in large numbers.

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