Children of women undergoing physical violence miss their school

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Children of mothers who have undergone physical violence are liable to miss more school days, according to a study published in the Maternal and Child Health Journal.

The researchers of George Mason University in the study found that 23.3 per cent of women who went through Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) reported that the attendance of their children was affected. The study has been done on the basis of data from a sub sample of 659 women in Mexico City who experienced violence at the hands of their partners.

The researchers looked into four aspects of IPV such as Low Physical and Sexual Violence Low Physical and High Sexual Violence, High Physical and Low Sexual Violence and Injuries and High Physical and Sexual Violence and injuries. In the study, it has been said that women in both High Physical and Low Sexual Violence and Injuries class and High Physical and Sexual Violence and Injuries classes were at greater partner violence that has great impact on the attendance of children.

Lead researcher Anna M Scolese said that children of women who come across High Physical Violence and Injuries without Sexual Violence) are at more risk of losing their school timings. Scolase said that the child whose mother experiences high physical violence and injuries from IPV is likely to be affected and end to lose attendance


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