Children of Moms using Pots during pregnancy to have sleeping issues


The children of women who use Pot during pregnancy are likely to have sleep problems in their later year, according to a recent study. The findings were from a group of researchers at the University of Colorado.

The researchers in their study said that the children whose moms had used marijuana during the pregnancy or before that were more likely to have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. As like tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy affect the baby, pot can also affect the child in a significant way, the researchers were quoted as saying.

The report was published in Sleep Health journal.

The new report was based on an analysis of nearly 12,000 children and the data was collected from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study. This is a project funded by the U S National Institutes of Health. The study found that about 700 mothers used marijuana while pregnant. Of these, they found that 184 used it daily and 262 used it twice or more a day. The researchers also looked into education, family income, marital status and race of the mothers.

Apart from children having troubles of falling asleep and maintaining sleep and waking up during the night, the researchers also found that the children will be sleepy during the day and also struggle to get up in the morning.

The researchers said that it was not yet clear how Pot used during pregnancy could affect the sleep of the children. However, they concluded that fetal brain had areas that responded to cannabis. These could affect a child’s sleep cycle, and as cannabis binds to them, it changes how the brain is wired.



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