Children less likely to be affected with Covid-19; study  

A new study by UK based researchers says that children and young people are far less likely than adults to get severe cases of Covid-19 infection. Moreover, the death from the deadly virus and is also rare among children.

The researchers who analysed coronavirus patients admitted to 138 hospitals in Britain found that less than one per cent was children. , and of those fewer than 1% – or six in total – died, all of whom were already suffering serious illness or underlying health disorders.

Covid infection in children is low and they make only one to two per cent of the total global cases.

Malcolm Semple (professor of outbreak medicine and child health at University of Liverpool), who co-led the work, said that their study showed that coronavirus was not doing any major harm to young people and children.

He also said that the rate of deaths in children is low as they do not have any severe disease. The worldwide reports also showed that the infection in children is low and they make only one to two per cent of the cases. The majority of infections in children are mild or asymptomatic, with few recorded deaths, he said.

The researchers looked at data from 651 babies and children under 19 who were hospitalised with coronavirus between January and July. During the time, the six children who died of Covid – 19 infections had “profound comorbidity”.

Though the researchers say that Covid –19 is no severe among children, they note that it could have adverse effect in children of Black ethnicity and those with obesity.


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