Chennai to get first AI based early flood detection system


Chennai, the southern city in Tamil Nadu, becomes the first city in India, to have an Artificial Intelligence based weather warning system, which the authorities think would help in forecasting flood in advance.

A new system called CFLOWS (Chennai Flood Warning System) developed by the National Centre for Coastal Research, will help in help in forecasting flood almost five days in advance, which would help in taking precautionary or any relief measures.  The Artificial Intelligence CFLOWS can detect flood in advance in any place, be it the wards, buildings or streets.

Tamil Nadu Disaster   management officials said that CFLOWS would be deployed at the earliest. As a first step, the 426 core urban area and in the second phase, the Greater Chennai Corporation limits would be covered, they said. It is said that the system would be made operational this monsoon season itself.

CFLOWS is a web based system that runs on the data available on weather forecast, tide prediction, water levels in rivers and reservoirs and their discharge, hydrology condition, and topographic information. With CFLOWS, the officials will get a detailed picture of the flood situation in map, text and 3 D format.

Once all relevant data is fed into the system, it would give an output of the situation within an hour. If the system gets operational in Chennai, it could be made available across the country so that people would never feel the burden of a worst flooding.



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