Chendamangalam: Kerala’s Enchanting Handloom Village with a Rich Legacy

Nestled within the Ernakulam district of Kerala, Chendamangalam stands as a picturesque village steeped in the rich heritage of Kerala’s handloom industry. Bestowed with the prestigious GI (Geographical Indication) tagging, this ancient village is renowned for producing some of the finest quality fabrics in the state.

Chendamangalam is home to master craftspersons who possess exceptional skills in handloom production, crafting iconic Kerala garments such as the ‘set-mundu’ (a two-piece outfit), the exquisite ‘kasavu saree’ for weddings, and the beloved ‘thorthu’ (bath towel).


Chendamangalam is particularly famous for its Puliyilakkara borders, which adorn the elegant Chendamangalam sarees. These sarees have evolved with the times, blending traditional charm with contemporary motifs to cater to modern tastes. This handloom tradition has thrived as the heart of the Devang Chettiar community since the 17th century. The journey of Chendamangalam handlooms traces its official inception to the Paliam Palace, where a trader from the esteemed Chaliyan lineage presented the king with the finest fabrics. Over time, this art “blossomed into a brand,” drawing hundreds into its fold.


The creation of these handloom treasures demands a meticulous blend of skill and time. It commences with the spinning of thread from unprocessed cotton or silk fibbers, which is then deftly woven into cloth on traditional handlooms. Subsequently, a wooden rod is employed to delicately arrange the layers of thread, resulting in the distinct texture of the fabric. These exquisite textiles are crafted using conventional weaving machinery, where threads are meticulously brought to life on the loom.

Contact Information: For additional information and inquiries, please contact: DTPC Ernakulam Phone: +91 484 236 7334

Getting There:

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport, situated approximately 21.4 kilometres away.

Nearest Railway Station: Ernakulam Town Railway Station, located around 30 kilometres from Chendamangalam.


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