Change of weather makes no difference in Covid 19 spread

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Earlier the researchers and health workers had high hopes that Covid 19 will subdue when hot summer comes. However, no country saw a relief from the pandemic in the hot summer climate. This has only led to a heated debate on the connection between Covid 19 and weather.

For many researchers and health specialist, the relation between the virus and weather is complicated. The influence of weather in the environment in which the virus survives before it finds a host is a known fact. A new study by the researchers at the University of Texas has given some clarity on the role of weather in COVID 1 9 infection. In the new study, the authors say that humidity and temperature has no role in the spread of the virus. This means that the transmission of Covid 19 is only related to human activity and weather has no role in it.

Professor at UT Austin’s Jackson School of Geosciences and Cockrell School of Engineering Dev Niyogi said that their findings showed that weather has no major effect on the spread of the virus. The Professor who led the study said that weather was one of the last parameters.

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health brought out the study paper. The study was held in different regions from March to July 2020. Apart from looking at the weather aspect, the researchers also looked at the relation between human behaviour and Covid 19 infection. This was done through mobile data collection.

At all stages of the analysis, the researchers found that weather had negative impact in spreading the virus. However, the researchers said that they found high influence of human behaviour in the spread of the disease. They maintained that keeping away from home and taking trips had a major role in the spread of the virus. They also said that population and urban density was also causes of the spread of Covid 19.





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