Chandrayan 3 in Nov 2020

A Historic Moment; Plants Grown in Moon Soil


The Indian Space Research Organisation that had failed in its first attempt of making a soft landing in Moon in September has begun working on a second mission that is scheduled for November 2020 Chandrayan 2 mission was declared a failure after the lander that carried the rover crashed into the surf ace of the moo instead of making a soft landing.

Now the scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisationhave started work on Chandrayan 3 to make another attempt on soft landing. It has been reported that the space agency has already formed various committees to make the mission a reality. It said that an overall panel and three subcommittees have been constituted. There are also reports that high level meetings have also been held if the various committees.

With the orbiter of Chandrayan 2 already working, the new mission- Chandrayan 3- will not be having van orbiter but only have lander and rover. The actual payload has not yet been finalised. It has been said that the overview committee had already reviewed the configuration of Chandrayan 3.. The recommendations of the sub committees with respect to propulsion, overall engineering, sensors, guidance and navigation is also known to have discussed and considered by the overview committee.

Reports said that the space scientists are also looking at detachable module to carry fuel. Called as the propulsion module, this is said to help in taking the landing module to the lunar orbit. It is also said that the ISRO was for lessening its manoeuvres which could make the spacecraft  take less time to land on the surface of the moon.


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