India for a university exclusively for Police studies

We have heard of Universities for Arts, General Subjects, Agriculture, Medical Science and a lot more. But what about a university for police studies. India is gearing up for a University for giving education on police related studies.po

Union Home Minister Amit Shah made this announcement while speaking at the 47th All India Police Science Congress. He also asked the states in the country to set up colleges on the lines of the University so that the police force is well equipped.

He said that the students who come out of this University need not have any further education on police and would be tuned as excellent police officers. Moreover, he also said that a university for Forensic studies would also help in criminal science.

Noting that the police was bound to change the perception of the people towards the force, Shah said that the self esteem of the force should be boosted up. Often the police personnel are ridiculed in films and social media and this concept should be changed, he said and added that documentaries and films should be made about the good work done by the police personnel and the force.

For strengthening the laws, he said that Centre was thinking of changes in IPC and CrPC. The states have been asked to put forth their suggestions, he added.


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