Caregivers are much stressed at time of Corona Pandemic; Survey

When Are People With Covid 19 Infectious?

At the time of Covid -19, the service of the caregivers was much talked about. However, a report has come out saying that 26 per cent of the unpaid caregivers who were trying to balance work and family due to Covid-19 are feeling more stress and have poorer physical health than before the pandemic.

“The Impact of Caregiving on mental and Physical Health”, an analysis by Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) said that Caregivers, who are often unpaid and invisible workforce, plated an important role in the United States Healthcare system. The BCBS used insurance data to identify key health care trends.

Millennials hit hardest

The report said that Millennial caregivers (generation between 24 and 39 years of age), were the hardest hit when compared to a benchmark population. It said that 82 per cent of these people were likely to have hypertension, 60 per cent or higher increase in anxiety or major depression and 74 per cent increase in obesity. There were also chances of these people being hospitalised or in emergency rooms.

The report also noted that differences are larger for caregivers who live in communities with a majority Hispanic or Black population than in communities with white population.

Mental health issues

The report notes that mental health of caregivers had declined during Covid-19. It said that about 57 per cent of caregivers had undergone some levels of stress, depression and anxiety. Many of these people are turning to unhealthy ways of overcoming al, these mental issues.

Socioeconomic differences

The report found health impact of caregiving was much larger in Black or Brown communities than those with a white population. The survey found that 56 per cent of white community were likely to suffer from feelings of isolation. When 52 per cent of Latinx communities had the suffering, 43 per cent of the black caregivers experiences it.



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