Carcasses help in improving ecosystem


The carcasses in the forest are found to be not only providing food for animals but they also contribute to the growth of plants in the surrounding regions.9 As such the carcase plays an important role in functioning of the ecosystems and that too over a prolonged period.

The study has been conducted by scientists from German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research and University of Gronngen. They have published the work in PLOS One Journal. The study says that the carcasses attract several herbivorous insects and also help in effecting plant growth.
With the carcasses having an important role in biodiversity, the study has also recommended relaxing regulations on the disposals of carcasses.

The researchers held the study in Oostvaarderplassen, one of the largest wetland areas in Europe. They looked into how red deer carcasses impact the biodiversity. The scientists first recorded the presence of insects with and without carcasses and also about the growth of plant in the surroundings. It was found that many carrion eating insects such as flies and beetles had directly benefitted from the carcasses.

It was found that the carcasses also had long term effect on plant growth. Plants like Welted Thistle was seen to grow more than five times near the carcasses than in other places.
Head of the study Dr Roel Van Kilnk said that they had not expected to come across such an impact on the entire food chain.


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