Carbon dioxide of today always higher


It is not a surprise that Carbon dioxide levels of today are much higher than Twenty three million years ago. But the fact has now been proved scientifically by a group of researchers from the University of Louisiana in the United States.

They said that the high levels of carbon dioxide were because of the direct result of human activity. The researchers had used a new carbon measuring technique for studying        the CO2 level changes. The new technique allowed them to look back far into the fossilised age. They made use of the fossilised remains of ancient plant tissues and went back to history.

The journal Geology published the findings. They measured the relative amount of carbon isotopes in fossil plant materials and calculated the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere under which the ancient plants grew. Moreover, they did not come across fluctuations in CO2 comparable to the CO2 increase of present day. This showed that greenhouse disruption was unique across recent geologic history.


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