Captive elephants in Thailand set free as corona threat looms large


Coronavirus has brought only good news for the animals, both wild as well as others. A report from Thailand says that 78 captive elephants at Maesa elephant camp in Chiang Mai were set free.

The elephants at Maesa elephant camp were used for taking the tourists for a ride in the park. The owners removed the wooden chairs tied to the backs of elephants and set them free.

Camp director Anchalee Kalampichit said that the elephants would be allowed to roam the park freely. She said the park will now be a place for the tourists to observe the animals.

Kalampichit said that that they had started the business 44 years ago. The tourists loved to ride the elephants, she added. The number of tourists has come down with the spread of coronavirus. Moreover, the government has also asked to close down the park, she said.

Kalampichit also asserted that they were nopt going to put the wooden chairs back on the elephants even if they start the business again.  She said taht they were planning to give more green to the place so that the tourists could enjoy nature to its fullest. Moreover, the idea is to allow tourists to give an experience of the elephant watching.

Chiang Mai has about 93 elephant camps. A majority of them are facing closure because of the low turnout of tourists.



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