Can Corona spread through sex? 

Earlier it was thought that coronavirus was not sexually transmitted. But a new research has raised doubts of its transmission through sex. A group of Chinese researchers have come across Covid 19 presence in the sperm of men, which only raises doubts of transmission of the deadly virus through sex.

The doctors at Shangqiu Municipal Hospital found that six of the 38 men hospitalised for coronavirus had the presence of Covid-19 in their sperm. However, the doctors said that it was only a preliminary finding and only a small number of men were tested. They said that further study was needed to ascertain whether coronavirus was sexually transmitted.

Meanwhile, health experts were of the view that findings should be viewed with caution as other studies have not yet found coronavirus in sperm. They opined that there were difficulties in testing semen for the deadly virus. Moreover it is said that the coronavirus in the semen did not show if it is capable of causing infection. The researchers also said that there was no surprise if the virus had its presence in the semen as other deadly viruses like Ebola and Zika had its presence in the sperm.

The earlier study was conducted only in a small group of men.



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