Buddhist circuit gets a big push by the Government

Buddhist destinations in India, the birthplace of the Buddhism, is getting a big push from the Centre as part of the efforts to promote India as a holistic destination.

The Ministry of Tourism has taken several steps to promote Buddhist destinations in the past and puts it as a key driver for the tourism growth. MoT has identified the Buddhist Circuit as one of the fifteen thematic circuits for development under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme. MoT has sanctioned five projects for Rs. 355.26 Crore under the Buddhist Circuit theme covering the States of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh and work on all the projects is under implementation.

With a view to showcase and project the Buddhist Heritage in India and boost tourism to the Buddhist destinations in the country, Ministry organises the International Buddhist Conclave biennially with participation of tour operators, Media, opinion makers etc. from overseas as well as Indian stakeholders.

MoT has also produced two films viz. ‘India – The Land of Buddha’ and ‘Following the path of the Buddha’ which have been promoted on electronic and digital media, and at Road Shows and Know India Seminars etc. organised by the India Tourism Offices overseas. MoT also has a dedicated section for the promotion of Buddhist heritage and destinations on its promotional website.

The government promotes India as a holistic destination in the tourism generating markets to promote various Indian tourism products and tourism destinations of the country including the Buddhist Circuit to increase India’s share of the global tourism market.



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