Britney not to perform in the future?


American pop singer Britney Spears may not perform live again until her mental health improves, according to her long time manager Larry Rudolph. Stating that there was no chance of her performing again, the manager said that he feared that she might not sing not only now but in the future.

Rudolph made the statement in an interview to a portal the other day. He said that as a person long associated with the pop singer, it was clear that Spears would not be going to perform Vegas Residency, which she was to perform early February but got cancelled due to some mental issues. Spears was not going to perform Vegas residency in the future also, he added.

Rudolph said that Vegas Residency had to be cancelled as her medicines stopped working and later got checked into a mental health institution. She was having a rough time related to her financial conservatorship and was also concerned about her father’s illness.
Stating that she had not called him for months, he doubted if she wanted to perform again. He opined that the great singer should not perform until she was physically as well as mentally fit.


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