Break the Chain; Kerala Police makes a difference


Ever since the spread of Coronavirus, the police force in Kerala, India have been doing a tremendous job. Apart from their regular policing duties, the police have become the talk of the town, be it the on hand washing or yoga.

In the latest episode, the Kerala Police have come up with a new video on yoga against Corona. The video became viral hours after it was uploaded. The video was shot in the police headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram. The eight minute long video has Eight asanas. The video is available in the YouTube channel of the Kerala Police.

The Kerala Police Social Media Cell and State Police Media Centre are working for creating awareness among the people against t5he deadly virus. They use videos and trolls on social media to spread awareness.

The ‘Hand Washing’ and ‘Break the Chain’ videos of the Kerala Police became an international hit. About 30 lakh people saw the hand washing video. Three million people watched the Break the Chain video. With social distancing widely advised to tackle the spread of the coronavirus, the police thought of reaching the people through maintaining distance. And this led to the creation of several videos and trolls, the police said.

Highly placed officials said that the people had widely accepted the videos. The videos are made in such a way that they are impressive and also simple. The videos will never make one boring.

Six policemen in uniform are seen dancing in the Hand Washing video, showing how to the wash the hands in the right way. The video was shot and edited by the policemen. Once the video was uploaded, it received wide appreciation. International media such as BBC, AFP and Reuters, besides news channels in Russia, UK, US, Italy, China the Netherlands picked up this video.

In the Break the Chain video, a virus is chasing the hero, a common man clad. Then he reaches near a three member gang — a doctor, a policeman, a mask and hand sanitiser. The Hero then challenges the virus. And the Virus is seen running away.



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