Beware, your deleted pics can be recovered from mobile!


Popular Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada, who recently made headlines for threatening Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is in trouble after her very personal videos and photos went viral on social media.

She alleged that the photos and videos were stolen from her cell phone that she sold out recently.

The singer approached Federal Investigation Agency, seeking action against those who are involved in privacy breach. Pirzada said that she also filed application against that shop.

She said she had asked the FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing to take action against that person who spread her data on social media.

Pakistani media reports Pirzada grabbed huge public attention after her personal videos went viral on Friday night.

Following the leak, the pictures were circulated on several social media platforms. However, netizens took to Twitter to criticise the misuse of her personal pictures and requested others to not to forward the images.

However, certain reports say it was leaked by her ex boy friend. ”Guys please avoid tweeting about or sharing Rabi Pirzada’s video leak. It can have a negative effect on her. It was leaked by her ex, I believe. And she is stupid for even recording such a video bit it’s her privacy so please refrain from sharing it,” one person tweeted.

Another tweet said,”Rabi Pirzada’s video spread by her ex boyfriend. He had her iCloud password. Please don’t share this video. We should not spread private things of anyone just for few RTs And Likes.”

She came to the limelight after Neelum Munir, another actress, shared a clip of her dance number on her Instagram account for the movie “Kaaf-Kangna”.

Last month, Pirzada posted a photo on Twitter wearing what appeared to look like a suicide jacket with some remarks against Mr Narendra Modi. She also faced criticism after she posted a video in which she was seen playing with reptiles that the actress said she would unleash them on Mr Narendra Modi for abrogating the special status for Jammu and Kashmir.

Even as the discussion goes on, the question in everyone’s mind is how safe is the data stored in one’s mobile. When you buy a new handset, you may be offered an attractive price for your old handset. The shop owner may delete the entire data in front of you before he accepted it.

But one can easily use recovery software to recover data, which may even contain your very personal photo.

So, think twice before you exchange your old phones!!


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