Beware, people touch their face 16 times in an hour

Wash the hands and don’t touch your face with the hands often. This could be one regular advice that we hear these days of corona which can spread through droplets. But it is very hard to refrain from touching the face. Some studies say, we touch the face 16 times every hour, knowingly or unknowingly.

It is a common knowledge that touching the face can increase the risk of infection with flu or cold viruses. Now the risk is higher with coronavirus. Because, eyes and mouth are areas where viruses can easily enter your body.

But scientists say, we should break this hard habit somehow. Experts say wearing gloves can help you break the habit of frequently touching your face.

One study in 2008 showed that people touched their faces average 16 times per hour. Another study involving medical students in Australia in 2015 found that people touched their faces 23 times per hour. Almost half of the face touches involved the mouth, nose, or eyes, which are the easiest pathways for viruses and bacteria to enter our bodies.

Even medical professionals, who should know better, were found to touch their faces an average of 19 times in 2 hours while being inconsistent about observing proper hand hygiene.

Experts also suggest that a new ring, jewellery, or even a rubber band around the wrist can serve as a reminder to increase awareness of the hands, and ideally to remember to not touch your face.

Keep your hands busy. If you’re at home watching TV, try folding laundry, sort through mail, or hold something in your hands, they say.

Beware, Your eyes, nose, and mouth are the easiest paths for a virus like SARS-CoV-2 to enter the body. All it takes is touching these areas with your hands after you’ve come in contact with the disease on a surface you touched.


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