Beware late sleeping in Children, they could end up asthmatic

Severe Asthma Risk doubled after Covid-19 restrictions lifted

If your children are hooked to the Television and not going to sleep early, then it is a matter of worry. A new study has shown that children who sleep late and wake up later in the morning are more likely to suffer from asthma and allergies.

Asthma symptoms are relatively bonded to the body’s internal clock. However, the new study looked into how sleep influenced asthma. Subhabrata Moitra (University of Alberta in Canada), who was part of the research said that sleep hormone melatonin was known to influence asthma and they were looking if staying up late or going to bed early could be related to asthma.

The study was conducted in 1,684 adolescents in West Bengal, India. They were aged 13 and 14 years and were part of the Prevalence and Risk Factors of Asthma and Allergy-Related Diseases among Adolescents study. The children were asked about asthma, wheezing, runny nose and sneezing. These children were asked if they were ‘morning types’ , ‘evening types’ or in between. They were asked about the time of their sleep and getting up and how tired they feel first thing in the morning.

In the study, the researchers found that chance of having asthma was about three times higher in children who preferred to sleep later compared to those who slept earlier. The risk of allergic rhinitis was twice as high in late sleepers compared to early sleepers.

Moitra said that they were not certain if staying late caused asthma. However, he said that sleep hormone melatonin was most of the time out of sync in late sleepers and this could influence allergic responses in children.

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