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Ballet from Russian homes to break free from monotony   


Lockdown period and shutting up inside the house for weeks can make one monotonous. But for the Russian ballet, the silent hours have been transformed into live performances and the world is quite thrilled.

Dancers of Mikhailovsky Theatre, St Petersburg, filmed themselves performing sections from ballets including Don Quixote and Giselle from home and posted it online. They released the video in their face book page. The video has become viral and the dancers are appreciated for their performance from home.

In the video, male and female dancers are seen doing their household tasks to rhythmic beats. They turned their kitchens and living rooms into a stage. For props, the dancers are seen using everything from kitchen utensils to towels.

There was much applause for the dancers in the social media. Many of them said that the dancers have inspired them to mimic the dances. Theatre’s principle dancer Ivan Vasiliev was quoted as saying that the message to everyone was to stay ‘stay positive about everything’.

In Don Quixote ballet, one player is seen replacing Don Quixote with a dinner plate. The romance in Giselle is undercut by addition of a saucepan and spoon.

Russia has imposed strict restrictions in the wake of coronavirus. The people are restricted from going out of their homes. The country has imposed a work from home week till April 30. The country has also ordered seven years of prison life to anyone who violated the quarantine period.



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