Babies and their mood of learning

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Have you ever thought of your child recalls what he learned?  A new study has now claimed that the baby recalls what he has learned as per his mood of learning.

The study was conducted by developmental psychologists at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB). The study was published in Child Development Journal.

The researchers analyses 94 babies who were nine months old. The real mood of a child is hard to determine; a child be happy at one moment but may become unhappy the next moment. Though studies with adult have shown that the mood affects learning, there is only less number of studies involving babies.

The researchers as a first step analysed babies when they performed quite activities with their parent like looking at picture books. They also underwent actions with a puppet. Sabine Seehagen, one of the researchers pointed out that they mainly looked into if the babies were able to imitate the observed actions a quarter of an hour later.

 They found that the babies who were in a different mood could not imitate the action using the puppet as some others. It was found that  the memory performance was two and a half times higher if they were in the same mood when learning and when recalling what they’d learned. Seehagen said that the fluctuations in internal state at a tiny age could prevent access to memory content. And this was why adults could not remember anything related to their early childhood.



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