Baba Ramdev announces magic cure for Covid-19, but don’t rush for it now

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, the co-founder of multi-billion dollar Patanjali Ayurved, has claimed to have developed the first Ayurvedic medicine – Coronil.

But don’t rush for it now itself as a magic cure. Because, the scientific evidences should be reviewed and we need to hear from independent agencies.

“The whole country and the world was waiting for medicine or vaccine for corona. We are proud to announce that the first Ayurvedic, clinically controlled trial based evidence and research-based medicine has been prepared by the combined efforts of Patanjali Research Centre and NIMS,” he said at a press conference in Haridwar.

According to Ramdev, the company conducted two-stage trials. The first was a clinical controlled study which took place in Delhi, Ahmedabad and many other cities. Under this, 280 patients were included and 100 per cent of those recovered, he said. After controlling the disease and its complications, the all-important clinical control trial was conducted, said Ramdev. He also claimed those administered the medicine were fully cured and none died. And 69 per cent of them recovered within three days. He said that 100 per cent recovery was seen in seven days.

But it is yet to announce the evidence for review. It is yet to be endorsed by the authorities or independent bodies like World Health Organisation. So, it is wise not to rush for it untill, evidence is corroborated.

The company says that it is part of a kit with Swasari Vati, and an oil called Anu Oil. The medicine has active compounds of Ahwagandha, Giloy and Tulsi in the new Covid-19 medicine.

It should also be noted that despite of the claims of cure, the company will be selling it as a booster for immunity in all possibility. So the winning formula will be to officially list it as a supplement for immunity but give the impression to the people that it can cure Covid-19.


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