Australia Bush fire: Kaur’s food van makes a difference

Bush fire


People from all over the world have been part of extending their assistance to animals and victims of bush fire in Australia. A woman from the Sikh community living in Australia cancelled her visit to India to see her sister who is in coma and stayed back to serve the victims of bush fire.

Sukhwinder Kaur, residing at East Gippsland region, stayed back and cooked 100 meals a day for the victims of bush fire. She had not visited her home back in India for almost a decade and had applied leave from her job in the Australian Post to visit her sister who is in coma. However, she cancelled the trip and stayed back to help the victims of bush fire, which has ravaged the Island country.

She was quoted in reports as saying that she thought it to be her first duty to serve the community where she lived for long. She even said that she could not be called a human being if she had left the people around her at times of difficulty. .

She has been working along with the Sikh community in Australia to help the victims of the bush fire. Kaur starts her day at five in the morning and continues till 11 in the night. She and her food van had been serving the people at Bairnsdale Ova, where temporary relief camps have been set up.

In the beginning, only a hundred people visited the food van. But as the bush fire spread, more and more people visited the food van. And as such, Kaur and her team had been preparing about 1000 meals a day.


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