August Month records highest rainfall after 76 years


After 44 long years, India received the highest rainfall in August 2020. The month of August received 25 per cent rains more than the average, according to the India Meteorological Department.

Though it was the highest rainfall for August, it was ten per cent less than the average for July 2020.

The country received 237.2 millimetres whereas the average rainfall during the month is 237.2 millimetres. This means an increase of 25 per cent of the rainfall, the Met Department said. Central India received the highest rainfall. When the region received 57 per cent of the rains, East and North East regions received 18 per cent less rainfall than the average.

The month of August in 1976 had received 28.4 per cent more rainfall than the average, while the highest rainfall in August was in 1926 — between 1901 and 2020. In 1926, 33 per cent more rainfall was recorded than the average, the IMD said.

Meanwhile, the Met Department said that the forecast with respect to Monsoon so far has been accurate. IT said that monsoon distribution across the country was consistent.



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