Assam people perform puja to appease Corona Devi


The world sees Coronavirus as a deadly virus that has not been controlled yet. But for a group of people in Assam in India, Coronavirus is not a virus but a goddess.  These people, mainly women, in the North Eastern state of India have started worshiping the deadly virus as a goddess.

There are reports that people in many places such as Biswanath Chariali, Darrang and Guwahati performed ‘Corona Devi Puja’. A group of women was seen performing corona devi puja on the banks of a river in Biswanath Chariali, reports said. The media reported that some women as saying that the wind will blow once they perform puja and virus will be swept away with the virus.

Some believe that the virus is a creation of Goddess “Shitala”. In some Indian states, Shitala goddess is related to infectious diseases such as smallpox. And people pray to Sithala goddess to get relief from these diseases.

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