Asians are more scared about Corona virus: Survey

Who are more scared about the deadly corona virus? If a recently survey is an indication, Asians are more scared compared to those in other continents. May be that also shows that lock-downs are more effective in the Asian countries, compared to Europe.

A survey by YouGov says that asian countries are more scared to contract the novel coronavirus than Scandinavian countries. Around 27,000 people from 26 countries took part in the survey and rated their scare as ‘very’ or ‘somewhat.’

People from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden were among the participants.

About 90% of Malaysians reported as very scared, followed by the Philippines (81%), Thailand (80%) and Vietnam (78%) on second, third and fourth place. China comes in on eighth place with 69% of Chinese participants in they survey being scared. Hong Kong places as the ninth most scared country with 68%.

Sweden was the last only 31% of the people were scared about the virus. Similarly, Finland is also rather unconcerned by COVID-19 at around 38% of the Finnish participants reporting that they are scared. Denmark and Norway are more scared than their fellow two Scandinavian countries with 42% of Danes reporting that they fear getting infected and 48% of Norwegians like so.



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