Are Americans getting tired of sex?

Regular exercise can be as effective as medication in treating erectile dysfunction (ED) and with just three 30-minute exercise sessions per week, significant improvements were observed, according to a recent study.

It is always believed that Americans do not have inhibitions about sex when they want, specially the youngsters. The young adults are fond of the hook-up culture that allows them to have sex as often as they want.

But a recent has some shocking revelations, at least to those who use to criticise the uncontrolled hook-up culture. The study shows that one of three men between the ages of 18 to 24 have not had any sex during the past year.

Similarly, men and women aged 25 to 34 reported an increase in sexual inactivity and a decrease in sexual frequency during the past two decades, the researchers found.

“In the age of Tinder, young people are actually having less sex, not more,” said Jean Twenge, a professor of psychology at San Diego State University.

The researchers found that sexual inactivity increased from 19% to 31% among men 18 to 24 between 2000 and 2018. They defined sexual inactivity as no sex at all for a year or more. Among those aged 25 to 34, sexual inactivity doubled among men (7% to 14%) and nearly doubled among women (7% to 13%) during the same two decades.

Many who remain sexually active are having sex less often, the findings also showed. Fewer people are having sex at least weekly, particularly those with one sexual partner.

These young adults also are taking longer to begin working, start dating, move out of their parents’ home, settle into a career, live with a partner, have kids or buy houses, Twenge said.


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