Andean Communities join together to preserve remaining forest


With a large portion of the Andean forests spread across six South American countries under threat, the Andean Communities especially the Quechua speaking Inca descendants, have come together for preserving the remaining five lakh hectares of forest2a. The native Polylepis forest is spread across Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Columbia, Peru and Ecuador.

The forests that are the water resources for the whole region was considered to be almost lost and the efforts are said to bring back the wild for preserving the water resources, habitat for wildlife and ensure functionality of the entire Amazon region. The preservation of Andean forest is considered to be of much importance.

The people have come under the aegis of Accion Andiana or Andes Action and have been initiated by the Global Forest Generation. They are using the 19 year community reforestation model that has been developed and implemented by Asociacion Ecosistermas Andinos, which is a Peruvian Conservation non profit organisation.

Meanwhile, the UN Environment Programme ecosystems expert Tim Christophersen was quoted as saying that restoration and protecting the remaining tropical forest would help in solving about 30 per cent of issues of climate change. Asociacion Ecosistermas Andinos president felt that bringing back the forest meant ensuring future of indigenous cultures.

Global Forest generation executive director Florent Kaiser pointed out that the tradition of shared community was a valuable asset for restoration activities.


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