An App for snakes and bites

On November 20, a class 5 student in Wayanad in Kerala was bitten by a snake and died as she did not get timely treatment. It has been said that this would not have happened if there was a bit more awareness about snake and snake bite. It is here where a new app comes handy for knowing all about snake bites.

Offering solution in case of emergencies across India, the new app named Indian Snakes launched by zoologist Vivek Sharma and Jose Louies, deputy director at Wildlife Trust of India, has all details with respect to snakes,. This is readily available in Google Play Store for free. They claim that the Aap has everything to know about snake and snake bite. Jose Louies is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature Viper Specialist Group.

The Aap has been developed by Leopard Tech Labs. It is easy to navigate through the Aap and offers a lot of information such as details of hospitals nearby your locality (within 100 km radius). Apart from this, the Aap also has about 200 certified rescuers on board. In the snake rescuers section, it is easy to navigate and contact them directly.


The Aap also has literature about various kinds of snakes in the field guide section. In this section, a lot more is said about the steps that one has to take if someone has been bitten by snake. This ignorance was that led to the death of a child in Wayanad and also that leads many of the snake bite deaths in the country.


According to World Health Organization, about 2.8 million people are bitten by snakes in India every year of which about 46,900 die. And there is little awareness about the first aid to be administered during a snake bite.


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