Air pollution adds to Covid deaths


A lot of studies have come up relating Covid 19 and air pollution. A new study has claimed that long time exposure to air pollution will; increase t6he risk of Covid 19 related death.

In the new study, the researchers claimed that 15 per cent of Covid 9 deaths globally could be because of over exposure to pollution. They claimed that East Asian people were the worst hit because of air pollution and added that it could have caused 27 per cent of Covid deaths in the region. In Europe, air pollution might have caused 19 per cent of Covid deaths and about 17 per cent of the deaths in North America.

The German scientists who did the study said that air pollution does not attribute a direct link to the cause of the death. The researchers used data from U S and Chinese studies of Covid 19 and air pollution. Apart from this, they also collected data from Italy. They combined the data collected along with Satellite impressions to make the conclusions.

The researchers said that when polluted air is inhaled, the small polluting particles called as PM2.5 would get into the body and cause inflammation and severe oxidative stress. This could lead to damage if the inner lining of the arteries. This could narrow the and damage the blood vessels.

The researchers said that the governments should think of reducing air pollution at least in the perspective of Covid 19. Though vaccines could prevent the pandemic, there are no vaccines for preventing air pollution, they said and noted that it was for the governments to draft policies for greener economy.



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