Air near Covid – 19 patients has presence of virus; Study 

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The surrounding air near a covid 19 patient will have the presence of the infectious SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus, , according to a study by University of Nebraska Medical Center.

The researchers collected the air samples of a few covid-19 patients and were found to have the presence of the virus. They published the study in Nature Scientific Reports.

They said that they came across viral contamination on all commonly used surfaces in the rooms used by the Covid-19 patients. They found high levels of the virus in the air grates and also in the hallways outside patient rooms.

The researchers said that the results showed that coronavirus patients, even those who are only mildly ill, are likely to spread the virus and contaminate the surfaces. They said that airborne isolation precautions were necessary. The study also mentioned that the study pointed out the need for taking extra care by the health workers. The study is said to improve the need to improve the safety with respect to care of Covid – 19 patients.

The study said that careful environmental cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, including those in bathrooms, was important. They recommend appropriate personal protective gears, including respiratory protection.


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