AI for treatment of skin disorders

Any skin problem can be detected with much accuracy with this Artificial Intelligence system developed by researchers from Seoul National University, South Korea. They claimed that AI could be used to classify all types of skin issues, predict malignancy and suggest primary treatment options.

They claimed that the diagnostic accuracy by the dermatologists could improve. Investigative Dermatology journal published the study. Stating that skin diseases are common and a person could not visit a dermatologist, lead researcher Jung-Im Na said the learning mechanism using AI could solve the issue. Na said that Ai could serve as an Augmented Intelligence and empower medical professionals in diagnostic dermatology.

In their advance to the development of the AI System, they had collected 2,20,000 images of Caucasians and Asians with 174 skin diseases. Using the algorithm developed by them, they claim that they could 134 skin disorders. They could even suggest primary treatment options. However, they said that AI cannot definitively interpret images,

Na also said that AI would help in more accurate diagnose. However, he did not think that the AI should replace humans.  They also said that an algorithm developed to differentiate between melanoma and nevi will not differentiate between nail hematoma or between melanoma or nevus.


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