Ahead of Gangayaan, Indian Space organisation develops Humanoid for unmanned mission



India has developed a humanoid to be sent to the space before humans are sent as part of Gangayaan programme. Named Vyommitra, the first video of the humanoid was unveiled by the Indian Space research organisation.

The Indian Space Research Organisation has developed a woman humanoid. However, the Indian Space Agency is not sending a woman to space. Vyommitra is capable of doing several tasks and is said to be capable of speaking two languages. ISRO chairman K Sivan was quoted in the media as saying that the humanoid was almost ready.

The ISRO will send two unmanned missions ahead of the manned mission. The Humanoid robot has been developed by IISC and would help in understanding how humans would react to situations. As per the first plan, the ISRO is for sending the robot into the space for a week to see the response in outer space.

Gaganyaan is the first Indian human space mission and will have Indian Air Force pilots as astronauts.
Gaganyaan is to be launched on the 75th Independence Day. The mission is to carry three crew members to the space for three days.


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