Age is not a barrier for this Degree holder

For 55 year old Niti Raval, age was not a problem and also the years that she had spent as a house wife when she bagged four gold medals after she passed the Law Degree from the Gujarat University with High marks.

Coming from a family of lawyers, she had decided to go for higher studies after thirty years as house wife. Her son and daughter are both lawyers. Niti is said to have decided to pursue her studies after bother her children were settled in their lives. She was quoted as saying that she felt lonely after her daughter’s marriage and wanted to do something.

Niti now has dreams of having her masters and has already started for it. Her husband Mallin Rawal was also quoted in the media as saying that he was proud of his wife in pursuing her studies and also bagging gold medal from the university. Her daughter also said that she was proud to see that her mother had graduated in law. The family was present at the convocation ceremony where Niti was presented with the gold medal.

Niti has shown the world that age is not a barrier for studies and also to fulfil the dream.


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