Age is a fatal factor? Scientist, 98, and his wife, 85, recover from Covid-19

It is said age and existing health conditions are fatal factors in curing corona virus disease. But, a very old couple of China proved that one can recover even if you are old.

After fighting the deadly disease for 18 days, Scientist, 98, and his wife, 85, recovered from Covid-19 in what could be a big relief for many old people suffering from the disease.

The Chinese couple were discharged from the hospital. The husband, Han Tianqi, has been a well-respected astronomer for 63 years.





He and his wife were diagnosed with the disease in mid-February in Zhejiang. They both have underlying health conditions and had to be treated in the ICU.

They were transferred to the provincial hospital on February 24 after their conditions worsened. They were sent straight to the Intensive Care Units as the couple were in critical condition.

Mr and Mrs Han also suffered other complications caused by multiple underlying health conditions, the hospital told the press. Han Shijun, the couple’s granddaughter, posted a request on social media sites looking for recovered patients who were willing to donate their blood as a potential treatment plan.

‘Grandpa sounded very weak. It took him a very long time to recognise my voice when we were on the phone,’ the granddaughter told the local press in February.

Scientists believe the treatment works, in theory, by putting disease-fighting proteins from recovered patients into people still battling the illness. The sick patients’ bodies can then use these proteins – called antibodies – as if they were there own, instead of having to make them from scratch.

Some Chinese hospitals have said they are using the therapy already but only on their patients – there is no mass-produced drug or supply of it.


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