After caesarean, Normal delivery is possible; Study 

One pregnant woman or new-born dies every 7 seconds

Once caesarean, the next birth should also be cesarean. This is what has been said till now. But a new study says that 90 per cent of women who had a cesarean can give natural birth.

Dr Kaname Uno (Toyota Memorial Hospital, Japan), lead author of the study said that most of the women who had undergone caesarean preferred to have another cesarean only in the second birth. This was because women lack awareness. Uno also mentioned that caesarean is increasing the world over. The researcher said that a Trial of Labour After Caesarean was a safe option but most of the women only prefer repeat Cesarean.

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth journal published the study. The study was done in 1086 pregnant women who had a cesarean delivery. Of these women, 735 expectant mothers were eligible for Trial of Labour After Cesarean. All the women were detailed about the risks and benefits of repeat Cesarean delivery and TOLAC.

Uno said that the risk for a vaginal birth after Cesarean was uterine rupture. This can occur along healed incisions from the earlier Cesarean. Cesarean also carry the risk of bleeding, infection and other things. One of the benefits of TOLAC is reduced risk of infection and bleeding.

The researchers said that 471 mothers (64.1 per cent) opted for TOLAC and 264 (35.9 per cent) decided to go for repeat Caesarean. Of the 471 mothers who opted TOLAC, 430 had a successful vaginal birth. Forty one women were classified as ‘failed TOLAC’ and had to undergo Cesarean as some complications arose during vaginal birth. The study showed that labour after Cesarean was safe.

Dr Uno also said that vaginal birth after a first Cesarean could increase the length of gestation. There was also a reduced risk of potential health complications for the child. The doctors said that health practitioners should encourage expectant mothers for normal delivery.



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