Adult Children transmits coronavirus as adults do

When Are People With Covid 19 Infectious?

The role of children in spreading the coronavirus has been widely discussed and debated. Earlier it was believed that the children had no role in spreading the virus but later studies showed that they can also transmit the deadly virus. A new study has now found that adult children can spread the virus as much as the adults.

The study from South Korea said that the risk of children between ten years and 19 years in spreading the disease was the same as that of the adults. The researchers were also quoted as saying that there was less risk of children below ten years in spreading the disease.

The South Korean researchers surveyed 5,706 people who were the first to report COVID-19 symptoms in their households between January 20 and March 27 when schools were closed. Later they traced about 60,000 contacts of these “index cases.” They concluded that adult children were likely to spread the virus as adults do.

The first person in a house to show the symptoms of the disease may not be the first to have contacted the virus. In most cases, children are less likely to show the symptoms as adults. As such the earlier studies may have underestimated that children will not spread the virus.

Another study from Geneva University has already stated that children can transmit coronavirus virus as like adults. The researchers, while analysing the virus cultures from infected children, found that they release the virus from their bodies as much and as frequently as adults do.

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