Adopt alternatives in farming; Modi  

India, US to Launch Clean Energy Partnership

Stating that the country has lost a good time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pointed out that  modernisation in the field of agriculture was the need of the hour.

“We have already lost a lot of time. Adopting new alternatives, innovations, along with traditional farming, are equally important to create new opportunities for employment in the agriculture sector; to increase the income of farmers,” the prime Minister said during his 75th edition of his monthly radio programme “Mann Ki Baat’.

He mentioned that novelty, modernisation was essential in all fields of life. Otherwise, it becomes a burden at times, he added. “The country has experienced it during the white revolution,” he said.

Noting that bee farming was an emerging alternative, Modi said that Bee farming was becoming the foundation of a honey revolution or sweet revolution in the country. He gave the examples of such farming in Gurdum village in Darjeeling, West Bengal, Banaskantha in Gujarat and Yamuna Nagar in Haryana. He mentioned that the demand for honey increased around with the world looking at Ayurveda and Natural Health Products.

Covid Vaccination

Prime Minister Modi said that the country was running the world’s largest vaccination programme in Covid 19.

“Last year, around this time, the question that was looming was…by when would the corona vaccine come! Friends, it’s a matter of honour for everyone that today, India is running the world’s largest vaccination programme,” he said.modi

Modi also mentioned the overwhelming response of the people towards Covid 19 vaccination. He mentioned 109 year old elderly mother from Jaunpur UP, Ram Dulaiya ji, 107 year old Kewal Krishna ji in Delhi and 100 year old Jai Chaudhary from Hyderabad who took vaccine. He also appealed to everyone to take the vaccine.

75 Episodes

On the 75 editions of  Mann Ki Bath, Modi said that a multitude of subjects were discussed. “At times, there was reference to rivers; at other times the peaks of the Himalayas were touched upon…sometimes matters pertaining to deserts; at other times taking up natural disasters…sometimes soaking in innumerable stories on service to humanity…in some, inventions in technology; in others, the story of an experience of doing something novel in an unknown corner! You see, whether it’s about sanitation or a discussion on conserving our heritage; and not just that, reference to making toys, what is it that was not there?”

“Perhaps, the sheer number of topics that we touched upon would turn out to be countless! During all this, from time to time, we paid tributes to great luminaries whose contribution in the building of India has been unparalleled; we learnt about them. We also spoke on many global matters; we’ve tried to derive inspiration from them. There were many points that you told me; you gave me many ideas. In a way, in this ‘Vichar Yatra’, journey of thought and idea, you kept walking together, kept connecting, adding something new throughout,” Modi said.

Amrit Mahotsav

On Amrit mahotsav, a programme to commemorate 75 years of Independence, the prime Minister said that modithis would elevate the country to newer heights, begetting a fervor to do something or the other for the country.

He mentioned that the immortal saga of the sacrifice of the freedom fighters’ sacrifice, ‘Tyaag’ and ‘Balidan’ continuously inspired the country towards the path of duty.  Quoting from Gita, he said “Niyatam Kuru Karma Twam Karma Jyaayo Hyakarmanah.” “Along the same sentiment, may all of us fulfill our assigned duties faithfully.  And the Amrit Mahotsav of our freedom implies that we make new resolves and to realize those resolves, we persevere wholeheartedly with due diligence.


“In the month of March itself, when we celebrate women’s day, many women players secured records and medals in their name. India bagged the top position during the ISSF World Cup shooting organised at Delhi. India also topped the Gold Medals tally. This was possible because of the fabulous display by Indian women and men shooters,” he said.

He also congratulated P V Sindhu for the Silver Medal in the BWF Swiss Open Super 300 Tournament. Mentioning that women made a distinct mark everywhere from education to entrepreneurship, armed forces to science and technology, , he said “I am especially happy that daughters are making a new place for themselves in sports. Sports  is coming up as a preferred choice in professional choices.”

He also mentioned the new record of Indian cricketer MitaaliRaaj, who became the first Indian woman cricketer to have made ten thousand runs. “Many congratulations to her on this achievement. She also is the only international woman player to score seven thousand runs in one-day internationals. Her contribution in the field of women’s cricket is fabulous. Mitali Raj ji has inspired millions during her more than two decades long career. The story of her perseverance and success is an inspiration not just for women cricketers but for men cricketers too,” he said.

Waste into wealth

In his monthly weekly programme, Modi mentioned about converting waste into wealth. He gives the example of St. Teresa’s College in Kochi, Kerala, where students made reusable toys using old clothes, discarded wooden pieces, bags and boxes. They give the toys to Anganwadi children. “Today, while India is moving much forward in the manufacturing of toys, these campaigns from Waste to Value, these ingenious experiments mean a lot,” he said.

In his speech, Modi also came across Professor Srinivasa Padkandlaji in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Srinivasa Padkandlaji creates sculptures from Automobile Metal Scrap.


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