Active respirator mask to combat COVID 19


With several issues related to the normal masks used against Covid -19, scientists from India has come up with an active respirator mask with attached exhalation valve and suspended particulate matter filter for comfortable and hygienic breathing.

Apart from this, they have also introduced Nano-sanitizer with a Dispensing Antimicrobial Layer which would be a solution to the existing sanitizers that causes several issues like dehydration of skin.

The Active respirator mask and the nano sanitizer have been developed by the S N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences (SNBNCBS), Kolkata, India.

The Active Respirator mask is an innovative solution to the rebreathing of carbon dioxide, exhaled moisture, and sweaty and hot environment inside the mask. It also improves the clarity of speech of a person with a face mask and assures comfortable, hygienic breathing to protect the wearer from exposure to airborne contaminants.

The Long-Lasting Nano-sanitiser innovation is a solution to the problems caused by the use of the general sanitisers like dehydration of skin due to frequent use, and nature of instantaneous antimicrobial action of common sanitizers without protective role, an official release said.

The mask and the sanitizer were developed by a team under Professor Samir K Pal under the leadership of SNBNCBS director Samit Kumar Ray.

People using present day masks are now encountering many a discomfort which hinders its usage to prevent spread of the virus.  Some of them are rebreathing of Carbon dioxide, which may reduce human efficiency and lead to brain-hypoxia due to long hours of usage, moisture in the exhaled breath which makes spectacles foggy, safety issues like sweaty and hot environment inside the mask, clarity in speech of a person with a face mask, the release said.


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