A zero passenger death year for Indian Railways

Starting operations 106 years ago, the Indian railways have now got the distinction of having zero passenger deaths. With this achievement of zero passenger deaths, 2019 has become the safest year for the Indian Railways in its history.

With respect to related accidents that includes collisions, level crossing accidents, derailment and fire involving trains, there has been a 95 percent reduction since 38 years.
In the report of the railways, it has been said that 2017-18 saw a total of 73 rail accidents and was reduced to 59 in 2018-19. Apart from this, there was also a massive reduction in accidents per million kilometres with just 0.06 in 2018-19, which is an all time low.
The report says that train accidents have drastically come down over the years. While there were 2,131 train accidents in 1960-61, it came down to 840 by 1970-71. Though there was an increase in accidents in 1980-81with a total of 1,103 deaths reported. However, it again came down to 840 in 1970-71.


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