A tweet that changed everything

Strasbourg, the New World Capital Of Books


“Not a single book sold today…”, this single tweet was that changed everything. Once this tweet was taken up by the social media, everything changed and the book store that recently celebrated its 9b100th anniversary was flooded by orders.

“Tumbleweed….,,,, this must be the first time ever…’’’ went the tweet by Robert Sansom, who has been with the Petersfield Book shop in Hampshire for more than ten years. Robert also shared picture of the book shelves saying that they were offering 25 per cent below the price for the books. The tweet was picked up by fantasy writer Neil Gaiman and retweeted this.
Once the tweet became viral, the bookstore received 1000 pound worth bookings within an hour.

The bookstore also got a thousand new members and even got orders as far as the US. Once the orders got the momentum, Petersfield Book was good enough to thank Gaiman who had helped them to reach readers the world over. They tweeted “this is a small portion of the orders we received overnight and today as a result of the Gaiman bump.”


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