A tonsure protest (Politics) for a seat


For the first time, Kerala saw tonsure protest (politics) against the denial of seat in the election and that too from a Mahila Congress leader. The other day State Mahila Congress president Lathika Subhash tonsured her head at Indira Bhavan, the headquarters of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee, which increased the political seriousness.

Lathika Subash, instead of going to the extreme, should have taken the line of Kollam District Congress Committee president Bindu Krishna. Just hours before the declaration of the names, Lathika Subash should have sensed the danger and gathered her strong supporters to cry and weep for her. Well, Lathika Subash may not have thought the Bindu Krishna way, having all confident that her mentor/mentors would assure her a seat. Well, the mentors also washed their hands; Poor lathika Subash tonsured her head.

At least, Lathika Subash should have gathered some of her confidents, who surrounded her when she tonsured her head, to raise some anti party slogans and drop a few tears. It is here where Bindu Krishna had the advantage. A day before the announcement of names, the Congress party in Kollam saw many of its local as well as district leaders resigning, owing support to Bindu Krishna. An emotional Bindu Krishna also burst into tears in front of Cameras. All this was only for ensuring a seat in Kollam. The next day saw the results– Bindu Krishna was the candidate from Kollam.

Soon after declaration of elections, Kerala witnessed several protests in the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the United Democratic Front (UDF) over the exclusion of leaders who had a major mass base from contesting the assembly seats. For the CPM, the protestors took to the streets in Ponnani and Kuttiyadi. Well, for the Congress, it was a turn of things. Several of the Local and district leaders began to resign from the party. Alas, the last one is the tonsure protest (politics). With almost all the names announced, hope Kerala will not see more tonsured heads at least for this election…. maybe can be a trend in the coming years…


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