A threshing Machine to revolutionise Agri sector

An increased farmer Suicide in India

When people spend lakhs of money for threshing machines, two young brothers in a small village in Manipur invented a low cost machine for the needy farmers.

Mohammad Fakar-ud-din Epham and Mohammad Ali -Ahmad Epham are the two brothers from Kwakta Khuman village who created the machine. The threshing machine operates with portable water pump and petrol as fuel.

Threshing machines cost around Rs seven Lakh to Rs ten lakh in the market. Fakar-ud-din Epham told the media that they invented the machine as threshing machines in the market were costly. The poor farmers were not able to afford them, he added.

The two brothers run a workshop in the village and employ about 25 youth of the Village in the workshop. They said that the unemployed youth can look after the family and do not feel they are jobless.

The threshing machine is a real wonder from these two brothers. The threshing machine is said to revolutionise the agriculture sector in Manipur.


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