A plastic film to ward off Covid 19

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People all over the world are much worried if packaged food and the wrappings can spread covid 19. Well, there is nothing to fear as a group researchers now claim to have developed a transparent stretchable plastic that can be used in packaging food items that inactivate Coronavirus.

The new covering is marketed by Alpes, a Brazilian plastics manufacturer. The material used in the plastic is silver and silica nanoparticles, a technology developed and licensed by Nanox.

The tests on the plastic films were held at Biomedical Sciences Institute, University of Sao Paulo. The test found that the plastic film was capable of eliminating 79.9 per cent of the Covid particles in less than three minutes and 99.99 per cent in about 15 minutes. Study author Lucio Freitas Junior claimed that the elimination of the virus using the plastic film was extremely effective and fast.

The plastic film was also tested against ISO 21702:2019, the authors said. As part of the testing, samples of material with and without silver-silica nanoparticles were kept in direct contact with SARS-CoV-2 for different amounts of time. After a certain period, the plastic films were placed in contact with Vero cells to measure the infection. Vero cells are derived from kidney of an African monkey and used in microbiological cultures.

The researchers said that almost 100 per cent of the infectious particle was removed in less than 15 minutes.


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