A New Healthy India roadmap for high quality care

Aimed at providing affordable and high quality healthcare for all citizens, India has come out with a roadmap for transforming the health system in the country by focussing on breaking the silos in health space, ensuring more convergence between ministries as well as between the Centre and the state governments.9

Named ‘ Health Systems for a New India: Building Blocks- Potential pathways to reforms”, NITI Aayog released the road map on Monday.

In the report, five focus areas have been mentioned. Future health system, empowering people to become better buyers of Health financing, reducing out of pocket expenditure,  public health agenda, integrate service delivery and conjoin power of digital health are the focus areas highlighted in the report.

The report also highlights the need to build the country’s opportunities and the vision over the next 15 years to provide health care to the people without burdening them. Releasing the report, Niti Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar said that the country needed to build its opportunities to achieve progress. He said that the report consolidated global findings in key health system themes of financing and provisioning. He said that the report focussed on risk pooling, digital healthcare, health service provisioning and strategic purchasing.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-chairman Bill Gates was also present at the release of the report. He said that India was in a better position with respect to health and added that the country could set an example for others to follow.


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