A Mumbo Jumbo Congress List

Only 25 days or so left for the Kerala Assembly elections. The CPM led Left Democratic Front, though embroiled in issues in some pockets, has picked up Candidates list. Whereas the Largest Opposition party – the Congress — as usual only has a jumbo list until now and still deliberating.

The usual Congress Jumbo….. Over 200 names for 92 seats. No one ever understood the Mumbo Jumbo of the lengthy list. A question never answered by the leadership ever and will never in future. A jumbo that has always been a curse of the Congress for the last many years. A Congress Jumbo!!!

Even in constituencies, where already names have been picked up, there is a long list of probable leaders. Nevertheless, why is all that one could ask, always bewildering: a routine endeavour to get into the list even though names are already picked up?

Almost all group leaders have included their nominees in the list. Moreover, the names of women as well as fresh candidates have also been included based on group affiliations. And no wonder the list can only be a Jumbo.

For some, getting into the probable list itself is a kind of Bliss. For the many group leaders, it is a prerogative to have their nominees in the list. Or might they loss them in the long run. Whatever, the Congress group Leaders want it a Jumbo, whether their nominees get into the show or not.

Four or five names have got into the Jumbo List. The Congress High Command gave a diktat to the state leadership to cut short the Jumbo List. Well, this is not the first time that the High Command issued such a decree. No doubt, the Congress will only have a Jumbo list. If not a list, what then the group leaders can dictate!!!!! So far .. let Mumbo Jumbo continue…


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