A loo for 1.3 million dollars


Times have changed and gold as well as diamonds are not just used for ornaments but they have found a place in the toilet. At the Shangai Trade Fair, a diamond studded gold toilet was unveiled last week, which is estimated to cost around 1.3 million dollars.

Moreover, the toilet seat comes in bullet proof glass that has in it 40,815 small diamonds. The diamonds weigh 334.68 carats, media reports said.

This golden diamond studded toilet is made by Coronet. Aaron Shum, founder of Coronet was quoted in the media as saying that he was not interested in selling the rare diamond studded toilet but wants to create a museum of diamonds. The media reports that he is aiming at Guinness World Record with this posh toilet. It is said that he is looking for getting the record for having the most diamonds in a toilet.

Coronet also has the Guinness record for having the most diamonds in watch, hand bag and sun glass. Guinness officials are slated to inspect the toilet soon.

The golden toilet with diamonds was a sensation in the social media with many people expressing their surprise as well as some posting adverse comments.



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