A Goddess who always sits in AC Room


Have you heard about gods sitting in Air conditioned room because of sweating? There is a Mother Goddess in Sadar Area of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh who wants only to sit in an Air Conditioned room.

People in the region say that their goddess sweats once the Air Condition is switched off. The Goddess that is talked about is the deity at the Kali Matha Temple in Sadar. The devotees say that the 500 year old statue feels hot and always sweats.

They said that AN AC has been fixed in the temple so that the deity does not sweat because of the heat. They claim that many attempts were made to solve the mystery but could not find out the reason.

As the legend says, the idol was to be installed in the Hills of Madan Maha during the time of Rani Durgavati. But when the procession reached Sadar Area in Jabalpur, it stopped. The bullock cart that carried the idol stopped. The idol was then installed in middle of a pond.


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