A fashionable insect that gets Lady Gaga’s name  

lady gaga

Kaikaia gaga is every bit similar to pop Star Lady Gaga. Like the pop diva, this unique monster insect has horns on her head. And this uniqueness is what gave the insect the name of the pop star.

The insect in the treehopper category is found largely in Nicaragua. Looking at the insect, one could feel the colourful costumes that Lady Gaga wears at her shows,.

Entomologist Brendan Morris (University of Illinois) named the insect after the pop diva as he came across much similarities and also taking into account its style.

He said that this treehopper bug is going to the lady gaga of insects because of its wacky style. Morris, who is in love for the bugs for quite a long time, said that it blew his mind to know that there were wide range of varieties of bugs. It is the colours, shapes and forms that have always attracted him. He said taht it was the diversity of the species that always blew his mind.




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